New subwoofers of Deaf Bonce series wih 3" VC coming soon!

Well, friends!
We are glad to announce new Deaf Bonce series car audio products from ALPHARD on the Russian market in the nearest future!

We will start from the preview and presentation of Deaf Bonce subs with 3" VC!
The current line will be represented by 4 sizes: 10",12",15" and 18" and will have some individual features and advantages in comparison with other brands.

Deaf Bonce subs have amplified original frame, developed specially for these models. Spaced double 10" spiders, high VC winding and wide surround allow to achieve a huge move of the moving part.

High-temperature six-layered 3" VC with powerful motor and cooling system provide a high overload capacity and longlasting work up to 2500 Watt RMS.

Killer feature of all DB subs is the carbon cap provided already in stock, which will give rigidity, lightness of the base and cool outward. Also will be available sport models with light-weight base, adapted for street classes.

RCA jacks allow to use the cabels up to 4Ga.

Fit ring will be a pleasant surprise, cause it will provide the firm surround' fixing and prevent its damaging by installation or demounting.

On sale from April 2015.

25 февраля 2015 г.

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