Stunning innovation-8" midbass speaker DB-W80

Next stunning innovation of the 2015 is a 8" midbass speaker DB-W80.

A short notice - this is a "clear" mid, with no midrange hint, which was developed only for three-way systems.

  • Frequency range 40-1000Hz
  • The current model is tooled by unusual for mid huge 3" VC, with high CCA winding, what allows in total with the powerful magnet system use this speaker up to 250RMS and get deep, juicy and pulpy sound!!!
  • DB-W80 motor has high efficiency and despite of the VC size, this "baby speaker" has sensitivity of 98dB. It becomes possible by using of the light-weight base materials.
  • Recommended frequency range 60-500 Hz

25 марта 2015 г.

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