Machete MFC - Absolutely new amplifiers from Alphard

The main feature of this line is combined position of all connection terminals and controls on the right side of the amplifier.

Developed HPF and LPF can work at the same time, and thanks to the frequency cut-off adjustment to 6kHz it is possible to connect the speakers directly.
New series monoblocks work at 10 Ohm and are bridgeable.

By developing of this series we paid attention to the sound quality improvement, changing some components of the amplifier base.
New MAchete models have renewed heatsink with expanded area of heat dissipation and individual design.
The lineup is presented by 2 and 4 channels AB class amplifiers and monoblocks:

  • MFC-90.4
  • MFC-120.2
  • MFC-650.1
  • MFC-900.1
  • MFC-1300.1

29 июля 2015 г.

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