Damping material - absolutely new product from Alphard

Damping material from Alphard Sound Technology - is a unique and perfect product, which meets modern requirements of deadening.

Damping materials are produced in Russia, using innovative equipment, high-quality components and raw materials.
The main feature of our materials is the usage of pure butyl rubber, which is the most important component, affecting on the physical and mechanical charachteristics of deadening. Using of the butyl rubber allows to have maximum value of the mechanical loss factor (MLF), what is damping quality baseline index.
All components used by Alphard damping material producing are eco-friendly, do not contain harmful substances and are safe for human health.

The main advantages of our deadening material:

  • Best MLF index among the competitors
  • An ideal solution for car audio
  • Superior adhesive composition 
  • It doesn't destroy and losses its charachteristics with the time
  • It is resistant to temperatures changes
  • Eco-friendly and safe product

We produce damping materials:

  • Alphard 1.5
  • Alphard 2.0
  • Alphard 3.0
  • Alphard 4.0
  • Alphard RIGID
  • Alphard DOUBLE RIGID

ALPHARD vibroinsulated materials will help you to get rid of outside sounds (sound from engine mounting, tyres, rough road), so, that you will enjoy your driving and give better sounding to your car audio system.

30 июля 2015 г.

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